Trying to Stay on the Bright Side

I haven't posted since Wednesday night, and that was a downer of a post. The reason why I haven't been posting is because I don't want to keep writing things like that. And I know part of the problem is simply the fact that I'm 32 weeks pregnant, tired, and hormonal. Today I finally sat down and emailed a therapist that a friend recommended; I don't want this blog to degenerate into what it was a few years ago. Even more importantly, I don't want to get that crazy again without recognizing it and getting help. This time around I think Mr. Fob is a lot less patient with my alternating bouts of anger and crying meltdowns. The truth is, I'm not so patient with them either.

This has been a rough week for all of us. Last weekend the kids both came down with pinkeye, though I'm pretty sure it was not the viral kind and just a bad coincidence. Little Dude spent most of the week battling a bad sinus infection, including complications like the pinkeye and bloody noses. S-Boogie's eyes got some sort of irritation in them, and then her skin issues flared up resulting in swollen eyelids and more irritation. The extreme cold and dryness did not help either of them very much. I'm glad that on Thursday I finally looked closely and realized that her eyeballs were clear and that it was mostly the skin around her eyes that was a problem. Thankfully some Vaseline cleared up the redness and flaking and she was able to go back to school on Friday.

I've also been trying not to complain about our housing situation too much but it's really driving me up the wall. We've lived in older houses before, but they always had good management that maintained them well. Here that has unfortunately not been the case. Our furnace has been acting wonky for about two weeks, and according to the manager the repairman was supposed to be here on Tuesday. Nothing happened. And of course, Saturday morning he managed to show up during the one hour of the entire week when we were actually not home. By the time I called he was on his way somewhere else. Thankfully tonight it's blowing hot air again and tomorrow I will be making a few phone calls to see if we can get things cleared up. I'm also toying with the idea of calling the bank that is holding our house hostage, but we'll see how indignant I'm feeling in the morning.

Tonight I was also reminded of the need for patience. Things kind of blew up this evening for us. The house had been cold all day, Little Dude had been having a terribly defiant afternoon, S-Boogie was complaining about her stomach hurting and then threw up her dinner, the toilet clogged, and I thought I was going to explode. But, the world didn't end. The vomit was well-contained, Mr. Fob was able to unclog the toilet, S-Boogie announced that her tummy felt much better (and she'll hopefully go to school in the morning), both children went right to sleep, and I remembered the cookies my mom sent me. So I grabbed a cookie and settled in to read a book on the couch. It was nice; good to remember that everything passes eventually and that we'll keep going somehow. Especially if we have enough cookies.


Julie said…
Amazing how the world doesn't end, no matter how lousy our day may be! And for me most things look better the morning of the following day. =)
Kristeee said…
That sounds miserable, both inside and outside your head. I hate it when the world sucks and then I realize it's just in my head. And being cold and in limbo about a house sucks, too.

But you're right, cookies can make anything better. Thankfully it's Christmas, so there should be no shortage of cookies to be had!
Desmama said…
I'm sorry things are so junky right now. I do know that banks do funny and weird things with foreclosures. Darren's had that happen to him a time or two and it's odd.

Hang in there. Find a good therapist and go visit her. I know it always took massive amounts of effort to do it but when I did I was glad. It helps to talk to someone and get ideas. No need to be sad when there's help available.
Aerin said…
Sending good thoughts your way. Hoping this week is looking better.

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