The Letter B

We only did three countries that start with B; we did Barbados because we have a family connection there, so I suppose if we do this another time we could try Belgium, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Botswana, or any of the other "B" countries we left out.

Barbados: We just read a few books that we could find at the library, colored the flag, and ate some fish with macaroni pie. They eat a lot of fish there; I 'cheated' and baked some pre-breaded fish fillets from Costco. I did make a fresh mango salsa for the grownups that was tasty, and I used a very yummy family recipe for the macaroni pie (it's kind of like baked macaroni and cheese).

Bolivia: We also just read a few books and colored the flag. I tried a recipe for 'picante de pollo', which is basically a stewed chicken dish, but I must have bought the wrong peppers because it wasn't very spicy at all. We served it with some boiled potatoes and quinoa.

Brazil: The library had a lot of interesting books about Brazil, so we read one about the country in general, one about festivals and holidays, and one about the Amazon. We also colored the flag and a book about rain forest animals that I downloaded from this website. The kids liked learning about all the different animals, and we had coincidentally checked out a Diego video about butterflies from the library so Little Dude can now tell us all about the Blue Morpho butterfly from the Amazon. The kids also loved dinner that night; I made some black beans in the crockpot and served them with rice, plus I made this limeade. They loved both the beans and the limeade, and then a few days later I made some passionfuit mousse for a treat as well (the recipe I linked to uses pulp, but I used some juice concentrate--you can find either at Mexican markets). Mr. Fob and I didn't have time to watch any Brazilian movies; there are several good ones out there. I've heard lots of good things about City of God but haven't watched it yet because I'm squeamish about violence; one favorite of mine is called Central Station.


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