The weather forecast makes me want to cry

18 degrees should not be a high temperature. It really shouldn't. And children should not get conjunctivitis, even though we're trapped in the house due to the snow. They really shouldn't develop stomach pain and a fever along with their pinkeye that mean Mommy has to take them to after-hours at the pediatrician at eight o'clock at night. Because that means driving around while various signs say it's either 11 degrees, 5 degrees, or 8 degrees. That's just wrong. Hopefully today my vow to never leave the house will be fulfilled. Especially since I couldn't sleep last night because it was too cold.


Julie said…
I too don't like to leave the house in this kind of weather. It is unfortunately my week to pick up kindergartners!
Samantha said…
Don't come here. Our high yesterday was -6. Today, though I think we'll hit 11. We're all getting ready to go sunbathing. :-)
Yeah, you should totally cry.

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