Christmas Wrap-Up

Mr. Fob and I both agree: this year was a good Christmas. It was nice to not go anywhere and to just enjoy some time with family and friends. We've also been overwhelmed with generous gifts and I'm excited because the kids really like everything they got from everyone. Yesterday we spent the day making and decorating gingerbread cookies, and then we drove around delivering them to friends and caroling. We had meant to get out earlier in the day, but we were lazy and didn't finish up until evening. Thankfully we still caught a few people at home and were able to sing to them.

This morning the kids slept until about 7:30 and then got us up to unwrap presents. They got quite a lot of nice things this year. We got S-Boogie a Barbie house and Little Dude a firetruck and some racing cars. They also got some books from us and from Grandma and Grandpa (my parents). Their books from my mom included matching stuffed animals, plus she got them some fun puzzle games from the 'teacher store'. We used some money from our other Grandpa to get them each their own easel from Ikea; I feel somewhat indulgent getting them each their own rather making them share, but it really will cut down on fights and they're are very happy with them. This year I bought Mr. Fob a sweater; I have hardly ever bought him clothes besides socks and pajama pants so I was nervous, but he looks great in it and received quite a few compliments from everyone today. He got me a food processor, which is something I've been wanting for quite some time. Now I can finally make some decent hummus and pesto, and it will be perfect for making baby food next summer. Now I can leave the blender for making smoothies.

This afternoon we got together with Mr. Fob's family and had a very tasty Christmas dinner. Then there were even more presents; everyone has been very generous this year. We got some more games to play with the kids as well as the DVD of Up. It was a fun day and the only thing missing was being able to spend some time with my family. Hopefully they'll be here next week for New Year's Eve. I hope everyone else had a merry Christmas this year.


Berkeley Ward said…

Merry Christmas!
Christian said…
Wait . . . So we missed out on caroling? That makes me sad. The cookies were quite tasty though. :)
What a lovely day. Up was my favorite movie of the year. Happy viewing.
Em said…
Sounds like a really good day. Good call on getting two easels. ;-)

Hooray for a new food processor! I'm envious....I smash Baby J's food with a fork. :-/

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