I feel like I've had a lot of people asking questions about thing in my comments and I haven't been very good about following up on them. So, here goes:

1. I didn't buy either of the things from Eddie Bauer. I really don't need a new dress or new pants right now, and after reevaluating my budget I decided to err on the side of fiscal responsibility. I'd rather have more money for moving later this year than a new dress right now. But, if anyone out there actually needs and can afford new clothes I wanted to let you know since that is an amazing sale.

2. Tonight we had friends over and made the Greek food highlighted here by STM. It was awesome. I bought cucumber sauce from Trader Joe's instead of making it myself, and I didn't make the potatoes, but the rest of the dinner was fabulous. I love gyros, Greek salad, and rice pilaf. Can't wait for lunch tomorrow.

3. Haven't heard anything back from other schools yet (UC Berkeley and U Oregon). Still kind of leaning towards Davis, although we'll probably have to live in student housing for the rest of our lives. The better weather, closer proximity to family, status of the school, excellence of the library, and a few other factors are starting to win me over. I love our friends in Berkeley, but I applied for the Spanish program there and I think I'd rather do Comparative Literature (which is what I got into at Davis). More on this later. Hopefully by the end of this month will have more plans in place. I didn't apply to Comp Lit at Berkeley because they wanted me to know Latin or Greek.

4. We have moved the kids' bedtime back to 7:00. They still get up early, but at least they aren't as cranky. We're big fans of early bedtimes for children. Now we just have to get an earlier bedtime for ourselves.

5. Someone asked if we have Winco. I think there are some around here, but they are somewhat far away from where we live. A few of my friends swear by it and make the drive every few weeks, but I just haven't yet. I prefer to walk to my local grocery store and make do with sale merchandise. I've also found some surprising bargains at the drugstore right by my house. A few months ago I bought 30 cans of beans on sale. I didn't have the cashier bag them--she just left them in the cart, I wheeled it up to my back door and unloaded, and then returned it to the store. Nice.

6. I have read Wide Sargasso Sea, but it was so long ago that I remember none of it. Perhaps now that I've recently read Jane Eyre again I should give it a try.

OK, I hope that clears some things up. I should just get better about responding to comments. I love the community of blogging and I feel bad for not following up on your thoughts and questions. I guess I'll have to write a post like this again.


The thing I love about Winco the most is a huge, cheap bulk section with lots of organic products.

I'm glad your Greek food brought you so much joy. Now I'm hungry.
abbagirl said…
winco rocks.

i applied to the grad program at uoregon, too! and i just my first rejection from uwashington, and i didn't apply to uc davis, even though i live in sac. :-P good luck on your apps! i'm glad i came across your blog -- i can see we've got quite a few things in common already! :)

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