Happy Heart Day

This picture is just one example of why I love Mr. Fob. It's a decoration he made for our window the other week. S-Boogie wanted him to help her decorate for Valentine's Day; he helped her make some simpler stuff, but of course he whips out the big guns and produces some sort of professsional-level paper cutting. Last night he went to the drugstore to buy Valentines for S-Boogie's class and just couldn't do it. I'm too lazy and would have given in to the commercial fluff. Instead I came home to find him and S-Boogie finishing up making twenty hand-crafted valentines. He's such a good daddy. That's one thing I'm most grateful for--he's a good parent, and especially in the areas where I'm not so great. I feel like we really play off each other's strengths and weaknesses. And I don't just love him because he's a good father; he's a good husband too. Being married isn't always easy, but I know he tries and we have been very happy lately. I'm late for the gym, but I just wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day to my sweetie!


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