Just Say No

I've discovered that a great way to save money is to never look at catalogs. For several year now I've thrown away catalogs without even looking at them. If you don't see it, you're not going to want it. Unfortunately I've gotten in a bad habit at looking up some of my favorite stores online. I just found out today that this is the last week Eddie Bauer is having their winter stuff on clearance. I bought these pants in brown a few weeks ago and I am in love with them. I'm seriously considering ordering them in gray. Twenty dollars is a great price for quality pants, especially since they come in petite. If any of you need new pants, you should buy them. They are fabulous! Then I found this dress and now I'm really trying to talk myself out of it. Having a job makes it so much easier to justify impulse shopping, although I still can't afford stuff like this. I'm supposed to be saving up for new shoes!


Silly Marie said…
Those ARE cute pants! I'm tempted to buy me a pair, however, I have NO idea what size I would be in their brand.
Jenny said…
I love the clothes you linked to. I have been avoiding catalogs and the mall and online shopping, so when I saw them and the price I wanted to buy them!
Earth Sign Mama said…
So you are curbing your shopping habit by encouraging all of us to jump on board? Thanks a lot!

How was the Greek food.

Congrats on your admission acceptance. I'm voting for Oregon. :) OSU or U or O? I forget. Anyway if it is U of O, I love this town. We have French, Spanish and Japanese immersion here. . . .

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