The wheat of my bread

We had a pretty decent Valentine's day--although I spent most of the day running around feeling like I was half an hour behind. I got up and got ready to go to the gym, but then decided to post something Valentiney for Mr. Fob on my blog. By the time I finished I was ten minutes late for meeting my friend, so I just assumed she had already gone to the gym and headed over there. When she wasn't there I thought that she had decided not to exercise. Then she walked in and I felt dumb for not checking to make sure she was still waiting at her house. After I got home I had a crazy morning with the kids. Mr. Fob was too busy to bathe them on Wednesday night, so I got to do baths and get them ready for the day by myself. Thankfully Little Dude had playgroup and then he took a decent nap so the middle of the day went well. When S-Boogie got home from school she helped me make some sugar cookies to take to my class that night. She was also very sweet and shared her candy with Little Dude; she only got a few things so that was easy. We spent half of my class last night having a fun Valentine party; I brought cookies and a few people brought other food. We also watched and discussed this song. It's totally cheesy, but easily understood by beginning students. Then we had a little contest to see who could come up with the best comparisons of love (one line in the song is "you are the wheat of my bread"). We had some fun ones: "Eres el tostador de mi pan" was one of our favorites. When I came home I enjoyed a tasty dinner cooked by Mr. Fob, we watched the Valentine episode of The Simpsons, and played Scrabble. I love Valentine's Day.


Em said…
Oh, you've just GOT to love "Eres tu." I had forgotten the amazing-ness of it. I should force my students to sing. It would be so great....

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