The blessings of thriftiness

I don't know if I've mentioned in earlier grocery shopping posts, but one way I save money and have fun while shopping is by using the day-old bakery rack at my store. Not all stores have one, but usually hidden somewhere in the back is a rack with day-old goodies that are half-price. Pastries are sometimes kind of gross by the next day or two, but I usually don't buy them anyway. I love picking up some fun, fancy bread to eat with dinner or a nice loaf of French bread to turn into french toast. Most breads are still fine for a few days after the sell-by date, and if they're getting a bit stale I just butter them and toast them under the broiler. This afternoon I got a loaf of some fabulous rosemary bread from La Brea Bakery. It was so yummy, I could have eaten the whole loaf myself.

Also we had another great experience at Deseret Industries today. I've been meaning to get the kids new coats for a while now since theirs are both starting to get small. I had planned to pick some up at the after-season sales, but I waited too long and we haven't seen much in the stores. Today we had a few items to donate, so I thought we'd check out DI while we were there. I still can't believe it. We found a beautiful, light blue coat from Land's End in S-Boogie's size and a cute Columbia jacket in Little Dude's size. The coats are both in great condition, are good quality, and just the sizes we need. Plus we picked up an adorable red dress coat for S-Boogie. For only twenty dollars we have cute, warm children for the next winter or two (S-Boogie's coat is actually a 5/6 so it's on the big side for the moment). I was going to post this tomorrow because I don't think my decision to go to DI today was pure coincidence. I've been stressing about money for the last few months and just the other day actually thought "do people really get blessed for paying tithing?" I guess sometimes they do.


jules said…
YAY!! You gotta love inspired thrift store buys. When we were first married, we lucked out to find our couch and real wood kitchen table & 6 chairs at D.I. - both of which we love. We have always felt really lucky to have gone that day!
Hannah said…
I need to start shopping at thrift stores! You have inspired me. That bread sounds divine!!

(By the way...I am Jenny's friend and occasionally stalk your blog.)
Angie said…
I used to work at a Deli/Bakery, and every night we would throw out tons of stuff (food that was still good but dated). It was illegal to take it from the store, but if someone happened to be by the dump when we took it there they could have it for free.

Not that I am suggesting that you go stand by the dump at night :)

Just thought it was an interesting fact.
Lindsay said…
Man, I LOVE good deals. I can't find any thrift stores nearby, but I never buy French bread unless it's day old from the bakery. I'm reading this book right now that you might appreciate. It's called "The Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map to True Riches" by Jeff Yeager. He has a good philosophy about money and being thrifty for the most part, I think, and it's a pretty funny read.
Anonymous said…
This post is a post after my own heart!
I recommend reading Shop Save and Share by Ellie Kay.
You have a very cute blog!
~The Bargain Shopper Lady

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