Cabin Fever

Today at the drugstore the clerk remarked that it was colder today in Seattle than it was in Siberia. I believe him; the weather for the last few weeks has been terrible. Unfortunately so has my mood. S-Boogie's preschool ended a few weeks ago and I had been looking forward to filling the extra time with outings to parks and the zoo. At the very least we could go play on the playground outside. Instead, it's been cold and rainy for the last two weeks. Not only that, but Mr. Fob started his new job last week, which coincided with his last week of school. So we've all been slowly going crazy here with the disruption to our usual routine as well as the frustration of our hopes for spring. Seattle is beautiful and I will definitely miss some things about living here. One thing I will not miss, however, is the winters. Especially since they seem to take up most of the year. When I'm frying in Utah next month remind me about this post.


Desmama said…
You won't be frying. Well, maybe not. It's been so cold here. I think it was snowing this morning when DesDad got up to play basketball. I know it froze this past weekend and there were some unhappy gardeners. I've had the fireplace on all day. June! *Throws hands up in the air*
Julie said…
When you're frying in Davis I'll remind you of this post!
Elizabeth-W said…
But just get to go to a place where many people don't even know what seasonal affective disorder is, at least not from an experiential level.
I lived in Portland for 5 years, and I'll take 105 and low humidity over an 85 day with 50% humidity any day.
Yes. Yes. Yes.

And you'll be frying by July in Utah. Nine years ago it was freezing the first week or two of June in Utah. I know. Remember--tried to have outdoor reception, but freezing rain really put a damper on that idea.

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