The Final Final

Tonight I gave my last final while teaching for the local technical college. I haven't blogged very much about work because I didn't want to violate my student's privacy. This year of teaching has been a real learning experience for me; I'm very glad I got the job and it certainly was serendipitous. I won't miss the horrendous traffic I've had to deal with just to get to work, but I will miss my students and teaching. I've really enjoyed the book we've used and I've enjoyed teaching smaller classes. Most of my students have been very dedicated, even with their full-time jobs and busy lives. I'm grateful they've put up with me as I've stumbled around trying to figure out how to be a good teacher. The only major flaw I seem to have is chronic niceness, but I'm working on that. My students all passed their final and they all seemed to have learned something, so I guess I must have a little bit of teaching skill. Hopefully during the next few years it will just continue to improve.


I will never forget your link to the One Semester of Spanish Love Song. I had my little brother (the doctor) rolling on the floor in tears over that. Good times.

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