Flashback 1997

Question: If you sing along with Celine Dion and no one is around to hear it, are you still a dork?

Also, I think Titanic was one of the worst movies to win Best Picture (and all the other awards). I think the music video for My Heart Will Go On is better than the movie.


Kengo Biddles said…
The key is, Foxy, to not tell anyone. Then no-one knows you're a dork. But, then, in this case, it's already too late.

For how awful that movie was, it's interesting what kind of an influence it was on our society.

We went to see HMS Pinafore at BYU with my mother and sisters, and at one point they did the "I'm Flying" scene (where she stands at the prow of the ship with her arms outstretched.)

Anyway. probably overlong in the comment department
The worst date of my life was early winter 1998. Our activity? Titanic. Let's just say that the movie gave my date too many ideas. The only moment I really remember vividly (from the movie, not the date), is the band playing "Nearer My God to Thee" as the ship sunk. I bawled my eyes out, but still thought the movie was mediocre. However, that movie is forever linked to the date and I've never seen it since.

Celine's diva-moment at the Oscars that year while she was singing, still makes me do belly laughs. I too must admit, however that if the song "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" comes on when I'm in the car alone, I sing as if I was trying to make sure they could hear me in Cleveland.
N.F. said…
I am pleased to say that I have not seen Titanic, and do not plan to either!

N.F. said…
I am the only person I know who hasn't seen that movie.
Julie said…
I actually just saw titanic for the first time a few weeks ago, it was on tv. It was not that great. The part at the end when the ship was sinking was interesting (I know that sounds bad, but it's just because I didn't know how it had sank and some of the details and stuff so it was educational.)

I don't think there is anyone who doesn't love to belt it out to Celine Deon. Kind of interesting considering she's pretty impossible to sing.
Desmama said…
If you haven't read it already, Eric D. Snider's Snide Remark's column called "Clash of the Titanic" is a classic.

...I have not seen the movie either...
Mr. Fob said…
Me neither!

(But I still sing along...)
Em said…
Hate that movie. My 13-year-old cousin insists that I watch it with her frequently. I'd much rather take her to fly kites or something productive.
Maraiya said…
I read your question aloud to my SIL who said, "Yes. You write whoever it is and tell them yes."

"I can't do that," I said, "I sing along with Celine Dion!"


"You do not."

"Yes, I do."


So I guess you and I are dorks together.

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