We have a plan!

Unlike the last time we moved, so far this time is going much more smoothly. Keeping my fingers crossed. We have signed a lease for an apartment in California starting on August 7 and have arranged for our stuff to be shipped from here on July 7. I'm trying to get more excited about the apartment; it's bigger than here, has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a dishwasher. It's also really close to campus. Even more importantly, they're actually renting to us long distance. But every time I think about the rent I want to throw up. And we won't have our own laundry in our apartment any more. So if anyone reading this lives in Seattle and wants to buy a cheap washer and dryer, let me know. Or a gliding rocking chair.

During the month that we are without housing we will be wandering nomads in Utah and Nevada. Again, I have mixed feelings about this. I'm really looking forward to seeing family and friends, but I know that by the end of that month we'll be ready to be back in our own place. So we'll be on vacation in Utah for nearly a month--it's your chance to see us in person.

And now I get to spend the next few weeks getting rid of stuff so that we can fit all our belongings into two "relo-cubes". After our last moving experience we've decided that we want to keep more of our furniture, and we like our couches so they're sticking around. My main dilemma right now is the kids' furniture. Little Dude is still in the crib and S-Boogie is in a toddler bed. I want to keep the bed, because it looks like a fire truck and the kids love it. Little Dude could probably sleep in it now, but he's doing well in the crib. But it would make most sense to ditch the crib at this point and move Little Dude up to the toddler bed. S-Boogie's getting kind of big for it anyways. But it's so hard to give him the freedom to get out of bed by himself. So many hard choices. The other day I finally got rid of a giant box of cassette tapes that I hadn't listened to in years. Even though I know that I'll never listen to The Light Within ever again, it still made me sad to give it away. Moving is hard because it's so bittersweet.


Th. said…

Have fun living in the car -- we'll see you in August.
Moving has certainly made me unsentimental about all my "stuff."

And I can relate to that throwing up when you make the monthly payment. Just remind yourself that if one of you keeps going to school you'll never actually have to pay off the student loan. ;)
Kengo Biddles said…
FWIW, I hate moving. When we moved back from VA, I had to literally throw out half of our belongings. It was really, really hard for me, emotionally.
Em said…
I wish I were going to be in Utah to see you guys! Best of luck with moving.

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