What happens when two English majors get married?

I actually gave away a lot of books, but we still ended up with about twenty boxes worth of books in the corner of our living room. And we haven't even packed up the kids' books yet!


Edgy said…
Pshaw. Real English majors wouldn't have given away any books. ;)
Lindsay said…
That's also what happens when a history teaching major and a philosophy major who both love reading get married. I completely dread the next time we have to move.
Kengo Biddles said…
Two of our walls are full of books in our bedroom. And one of the shelves has paperbacks stacked like this:


Instead of the other way, we've got so many.

Yeah. I dread moving. But diaper and wipes boxes are just the right size for the books...makes them a bit more manageable.
Courtney said…
oh I feel your pain. I am dreading our next move.
They have literary babies and then pack the books in diaper boxes?
Earth Sign Mama said…
It makes your parents so proud (sniff) to see you carrying on the family traditions...enough books to astonish the movers.
skyeJ said…
you buy diapers? Is that what english majors do when they get married?

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