A Weekend for Celebrating

We've had a fun few days here in our house, as evidenced by my tired eyes from late nights and my sore tummy from too much eating. Friday night Mr. Fob graduated for the third, and last, time since I married him. His mother came up to stay with us for a few days and my parents and sister came up on Friday (and left today) as well. Friday night we went to the graduation (the kids had a babysitter and we were all very grateful for it), yesterday we spent the morning cooking and the afternoon picnicking at the park, and today we attended sacrament meeting to see S-Boogie sing for Father's Day. Then this afternoon we ate even more food, including a special cake that S-Boogie decorated at the grocery store yesterday afternoon. It was a quick trip for my parents and sister, but I was glad we could all spend time together. I love the opportunity to see my kids interacting with their relatives and the good times we can have together.

I also think that it is serendipitous that graduation weekend and Father's Day coincided. Mr. Fob and I completed our undergraduate degrees at the same time and graduated while I was about six months pregnant with S-Boogie. Our lives during the last five years have been filled with parenting and school and I feel blessed that he has been an equal partner during this part of the journey. Things have not always been easy, but our path has generally been one of growth and improvement. My children are blessed to have him as their dad, especially since he is so willing to be a parent. I love the little things he does, like braiding S-Boogie's hair, as well as the bigger sacrifices he's made. One of the things that made me fall in love with him when we were dating was his commitment to parenthood and family. And I'm still in love with him today for it.


Hm . . . you would think that if you had learned anything, it would be that you never say "last."

ie. "graduated for the third and last time"

I'm just sayin'.
Th. said…

Maybe you meant 'last' as in 'most recent'?
Yodame said…
Sounds like fun. I hate that we missed it. We'll see ya'll soon though!
Seeker said…
I had the same thought as science teacher mommy. I didn't think I'd be going back to school for a 2nd masters. You never know if he'll give in to the call of the PhD after seeing how much fun you have with yours.

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