Falling in love with Craigslist

I've already been a big fan of Craigslist, but the last few days have really deepened my affection. During this last week we've been watching the "free" section like hawks in order to score moving boxes. And we have, including about 20 small boxes we picked up last night. Then tonight some neighbors who are moving generously shared a bunch they had received through Craigslist (thanks so much!), and I think we might be getting closer to the amount we need (crossing my fingers).

I've also managed to sell a number of smaller items that we've been trying to get rid of, and we have a few other things we may just end up giving away for free since I don't really need them. Last night we listed our washer and dryer, and all day my inbox has been full of people desperate to take them off our hands. I listed them early thinking that it would take a while, but the peace of mind and extra space from selling them is probably worth being without them for a week. Hopefully they'll be gone tomorrow, as long as I don't get hosed by the lady I'm holding them for.

The best Craigslist score was yesterday. S-Boogie spent some of her hard-earned money on princess shoes and fake makeup at the drugstore the other week. And ever since then she's been devastated by her lack of dress-up dresses to complete her ensemble. So I kept an eye on the internet and found a garage sale that happened to be near our friends' house that we went to last night. They had two beautiful princess dresses and a lovely set of play jewelry waiting there for us. The only tragedy so far is that none of S-Boogie's friends were home today to come play princess with her. Hopefully on Monday she can share her new treasures.

Also at the garage sale I picked up a fun game for the kids, since I'm trying to collect more games and educational items. It had a few color games in it, and we were playing one tonight where you have to match cards with objects on them to your board that has colors. I was mostly playing with S-Boogie since Little Dude has little patience for games yet. Or so I thought, until he picked up a card with red shoes, said "red", and put it on the red space on his board. I was so glad I got a game we could all play together!


Another good resource is freecycle. I have never posted anything or asked for anything, but I always look to see if someone is requesting something in my "get rid of it" closet stash. I've had some good successes this week in the giving away dept.

Glad it's working out for you!
agirlwho said…
I love craigslist too! I just bought a cute little desk and posted my LSAT books on there. I hope someone wants them.
Kristeee said…
That's cool that it's working for you. It's a shame more of the transactions we make can't be more like Craigslist and other places where people aren't necessarily interested in ripping others off.
Mm . . . I love to play dress up.
ambrosia ananas said…
Craigstlist = awesome.
Amanda said…
Hey, I don't know if this might be an option in your area, but once before we moved I donated a bunch of stuff to a local thrift store in Home Depot moving boxes my mom purchased. A couple weeks later when I needed to start packing, I realized I'd given away all my boxes. I went to the thrift store and asked at the back, and they rolled a huge bin of all kinds of really nice boxes right out to my car. I got loads in various sizes and all of them for free. You may see if one of your local stores does something similar.
Kailey said…
Oh Craigslist, how I love thee as well! I too dedicated a post to the joys of that blessed site. I have to also say how touching your plant story was. I wanted to call you right away to tell you I'd take the plant. But I kill plants. Plants and fish. Don't give me either of those. I hope you are well. I'd offer you boxes, but we really did our move with like 10 boxes. We just moved stuff, unpacked it, then took the boxes back and refilled them. That's one benefit (and probably the only one) of have your new home one month before you are ready to live in it!

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