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Did you know that today (Tuesday, February 24) is National Pancake Day? IHOP is giving out free pancakes today, so head on down there before 10 pm and enjoy some yummy free food. I heard about it yesterday, and I'm often leery of free food events because they usually end up being too crowded and more hassle than they are worth. But we decided to be crazy and spontaneous for lunch and took the kids down to IHOP. We spent a little money on drinks and some hash browns with eggs, and the kids had a great time smothering their cakes in strawberry and blueberry syrup. I don't know about your IHOP, but ours was only moderately busy. We were the only family in there with the hordes of college students. I can imagine it will only get busier as the day goes on. Just thought I'd share the love--who needs Carnival when you can have free pancakes?


Cricket said…
I didn't know that 2-24 was pancake day, but I made pancakes for dinner because it is Fat Tuesday and that is the tradition. It's either interesting that these dates coincided... or.... well... not, lol
Janssen said…
I wish I'd known earlier! I totally would have gone.
rantipoler said…
Sigh, I knew there were pancakes to be had, but we had to give the missionaries a ride to a transfer meeting instead. Duty calls. Stupid duty.

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