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Last week we got some purple potatoes in our produce box. Would you be freaked out by them? What do you think would be neat to cook with purple potatoes?

Is it worth buying a salad spinner? We've been getting a lot of lettuce and greens in our produce box, but I always feel bad using up so many paper towels to dry them. I've also tried regular towels, but that's pretty annoying too.

I'm excited to write a paper for my American Literature class because I'm looking at translations of two different books that are written in a sort of hybrid-"Spanglish" style. I think it will be interesting to look at what happens when you translate them to Spanish. However, after looking at this book today, I realized that one of the more interesting changes is the profanity (it's a great book, but definitely heavy on the swears). Would you feel weird writing a paper on swear words? It's not like I'm going to be saying them out loud, but for some reason I feel weird even writing them out. I could just skip over that aspect of the book, but then I feel silly for being so squeamish.


Courtney said…
I just got some purple potatoes from Costco. They are so beautiful! I tried roasting them with a little olive oil and rosemary, which turned out pretty well.
Also, I think salad spinners are genius (even though I don't have one).
Kristeee said…
A salad spinner is totally worth it. We got ours at a yard sale. It keeps the lettuce crisp for longer, even if you just put it in a ziplock bag in the fridge. It's great.
Th. said…

We've been talking about getting a spinner for years. Still haven't.

I think, actually, that would make for an interesting paper. And I dislike the swears as much as anyone.

(Just don't submit it to a symposium, eh?)
purple potatoes seem fun and new.

i love, love, love having a salad spinner. I have a small oxo brand one which has been very adequate for our needs. I bought my parents the large one for Christmas 2 years ago because they eat lots and lots of salad. They REALLY appreciated it. I like having the push button top rather than the crank top. The crank top is just more awkward and requires more effort.
Samantha said…
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Samantha said…
Purple potatoes--lots of fun in a potato salad with carrots, peppers and other colorful veggies. My kids loved it when they were little.

Salad spinner--so worth it.

Profanity--don't like it, but it does seem that if you're doing a translation, it must be included for the sake of authenticity. Just my opinion.
AzĂșcar said…
I agree, the salad spinner is worth it. You could go all out, but my spinner was a $10 gift from a friend and it works just fine. My biggest issue is finding a place to store it. Blech.
AzĂșcar said…
Oh, and I would have no problem writing a paper on profanity.
We grow all kinds of wierd colored veggies. My favorite are the purple carrots. They are orange on the inside and I've seldom seen anything lovelier when cooked up and added to just about any dish.
Katya said…
I wouldn't have an issue with the swearing, but I'm one of those scandalous linguistics peeps.

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