As I've mentioned before, I don't have a problem with Valentine's Day. It's a good thing, because this morning Mr. Fob made pink pancakes shaped like hearts and we put strawberry syrup on them. He also put food coloring in the orange juice; Little Dude said Daddy "put Valentines in it" and that it "tastes like pink". It certainly did. Just another reason why Mr. Fob is so awesome.

We're going to make heart-shaped sugar cookies later, and then tonight our home teacher and his wife are coming over to watch the kids while we go eat some falafel and go bowling. Should be a fun day.


rantipoler said…
Nice! I love it. Happy Valentine's Day!
Plantboy left yesterday afternoon with the scouts and won't be home until almost dinner. I'm trying to have a good attitude, but he did tell me he'd be home at lunch so I could at least go get the aphrodisiac groceries. He may get leftovers. :)
Kristeee said…
That's fun. Popsicles always taste like colors, I think. I like red.

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