I can tell that the end of the quarter is approaching because my motivation is rapidly dissolving with each passing day. In four more weeks I will be free, but only after completing two enormous research papers. Every now and then I think about them and chant to myself "the only way out is through", but then I ignore that little voice and go back to wasting time on the internet. I've kept up on my homework very well this quarter, but it's hard to carve out the extra time needed for research and writing.

I'm also feeling bad because I found out about the upcoming Sunstone West symposium a few weeks ago and thought I might be able to prepare something for it. Alas, the submission deadline is tomorrow and I have nothing to submit. I think even more than the fact that I am pressed for time, I also feel pressed for brain space. I don't have a lot of thinking room left; I've got school stuff and kid stuff to worry about, plus every day I worry about the fact that we are one day closer to needed more income and the job market isn't looking any better. So I probably won't be presenting anything at Sunstone this year. I am thinking of going, however, because a little getaway like that is always fun. I just have to figure out the logistics because it's a bit far from my house to just drive down and back in one day. Good think I have a few weeks to figure it out (assuming there's any space left in my brain after all the other worries I've got jammed in there).

So hopefully I'll get out of my slump this weekend and manage to not only be a little productive on school stuff but also have some fun and find a way to get my groove back. Too bad I already ate all of my Valentine chocolates.


Th. said…

I understand about brainspace. My submission was dictated entirely on what I was already doing anyway.
Maybe the key for next time around is to prep something when you DO have the brain space to commit to it and then just save it until it is time for submission. Maybe over the summer, when your coursework is on haitus, you'll find that you are full of ideas. I feel like right now I've got the publishing bug more than ever, but that desire seems to be blocking any and all really good creativity. I need to get back to my "if it happens, it happens" attitude so that I can concentrate on the present.

Have you presented at Sunstone before? I'd be really interested to hear what you had to say.
Julie said…
I hate research papers!!!!!
FoxyJ said…
STM--I think you have a good point. I've never thought of myself as a "writer", and I've spent years only writing when commanded to for school. But I often have interesting ideas about things, and there is no reason why I shouldn't start writing down more of them and trying to actually write essays and things. That was part of my intention in starting this blog, but it hasn't materialized as much as I would like.

I haven't ever presented at Sunstone, and I've only ever attended these smaller regional conferences. However, I wouldn't rule out attending the main conference in UT if I had a chance. I honestly used to be a little scared of Sunstone, but I feel like I'm a little better now at sorting out what I don't agree with and what I do.
skylark said…
Oh, I just found out about the Symposium a few days ago. I've never been to one, but I'm seriously thinking about it.

If you need a place to stay, I've got a roof and an air mattress not too far from Cupertino. Really.

Also, I feel like it's one of those annoying laws of bizarronature that your best ideas and drive for writing come when you don't really have time or space to write, and then when a requirement to write is imposed on you, the thoughts and desire are hibernating. At least for me, the last-minute pressure of a deadline usually manages to squeeze out something good when it's "needed."
FoxyJ said…

Email me and we can work something out; I've got a car so getting from your place to there won't be a problem. And it's always more fun to go to conferences with another person. :)

The registration deadline isn't until March 20th so we have a little time to decide.
ME said…

If you don't have time to put together a paper proposal today, you could still participate as part of a panel discussion or as a respondent.

I'm looking for panelists and participants for sessions on

--motherhood (women at various stages in their motherwork)

--teaching gospel doctrine

--personal spirituality/spiritual development

--This I Believe (modeled on the NPR series)

--understanding religious guilt (seeking clergy who could represent various faiths)

--both sides of Proposition 8

There's also a session in the works on Segullah's beginnings.

Let me know if you're interested in any of these topics. Would be great to have you participate if you can swing it!

Mary Ellen
Kristeee said…
Ah, but all the Valentine's chocolates are on super sale at the grocery stores! If I were close, I'd go pick you up some brain food!

I hate those thinking slumps, when all you want to do is play on the internet. I used to have to set goals for myself like "I will not check my email until I've read another 10 pages" or "I will not randomly google something for another 30 minutes." The hard part is that research is now done online, and it's so tempting . . .
Becca said…
I loved hearing from you! Ben and I were talking about you guys yesterday in fact while we were trying to figure out how to handle the move. I'm pretty sure we are going to copy the PODS idea. If that turned out to be a nightmare let me know. :)
adnan said…
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