We had a good President's Day weekend; Saturday was spent running errands and making sugar cookies shaped like hearts. That night our home teacher and his wife watched the kids while Mr. Fob and I went out on a date. I had made a nice, budget-friendly plan that would include a stop at the falafel place and then bowling. But then we decided to be spontaneous and try a Thai restaurant. The food was't that great and it ended up costing a lot more than we had planned for our date, but I still enjoyed the chance to have a nice, quiet dinner together without interruptions from little people.

I've been tagged by a bunch of different people on Facebook asking me to reveal interesting things about myself, but I'm still deciding how much I want to participate in Facebook and I feel like I've already done just about every meme on the planet here on my blog. But, just to satisfy the curious masses, here are two more bits of weirdness that I'm willing to share:

1. I'm terrified of lofts and most staircases. Like those basement staircases that are surrounded by a half-wall. Basically any place where a person could presumably fall over and plummet more than a single story within their own home. And it's not just since I had kids that I've felt that way (although the anxiety has increased tenfold since having small children). I think it started with my grandmother's steep attic stairs that are surounded on the top by a half-wall; or maybe my aunt's basement stairs that have no railing or anything on the side. I have a feeling that this fear will greatly hamper any future house search.

2. I will admit that at least a little bit of my baby hunger is the desire to use S-Boogie's baby clothes again. Looking at pictures of S-Boogie in her old clothes makes me realize that I'm ridiculously attached to some of her adorable outfits from her first year or two. Part of it is likely due to the fact that I also would still like her to be 2 and the right size for the impossibly adorable pink fuzzy coat with kitty cat pockets. Well, not really. Most of the time I like the fact that she is now big enough to be a kindergartener. I just wish they wouldn't make baby clothes that are so cute.


You are right to avoid facecrack. It really sucks you in, and not in a good way like the embrace of blogger, more like in a steals your soul way. That is just me.

And you'd probably get a boy, so just keep adoring the pictures. In practice, you know, babies are not nearly so tidy and cute.
Julie said…
Amen to #2. Why is it I need another girl so badly? To reuse all those darling clothes I've been saving for 8+ years. I'll be quite perturbed if I hang on to all that stuff in vain!
Jenny said…
Baby girl clothes are so freaking adorable! Every time I have to put away more sizes of clothing I end up spending the day ogling all the little baby 3-6 month dresses we have and wanting a baby girl. I'm sure it's majorly blowing my chances.

I also hate stairs. It's not weird, it's a sign of intelligence.
Kristeee said…
I'm scared of the stairs where you can see in between the individual stairs. I always am extra careful when on them.

And baby girl clothes are so much fun! I'm hoping we have another girl some day to put my collection to good use!
Tina said…
I am right with you on both of those! I finally got rid of all the baby clothes and other related items hoping that would curb the baby hunger. As for the half wall-I actually picture myself or someone falling down every time I pass one. Eeek!
skyeJ said…
Maybe you should just get a doll. You can put all the clothes on her. And she'd be safe if she fell down the stairs, too!

hee hee hee....
Em said…
My in-laws don't understand why I won't let Bee sleep in the loft room...second story in a house with a big vaulted-ceiling entryway, and a giant cutout that only comes up about 30 inches off the ground. I have total sympathy.

Girl clothes...hmmm...I've just been buying them for friends who are having girls (since we're up for a boy this round).

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