Odds and Ends

I have a lot of random half-written posts floating around in my head, but haven't taken the time to write any of them down. I promise I'll try and write a real post one of these days.

S-Boogie is doing much better. She actually hasn't even had too many side effects from the antibiotics, so far. And we managed to tweak the medicine schedule so we wake her up at 11 and give her medicine before we go to bed, so everyone is much happier.

We spent way too much time
Simpsonizing ourselves the other night. But it was fun, and now I have a new profile pic.

I know I promised before and after pictures of the new dresser, but Mr. Fob did the switch while I was at church and didn't take a shot of the old one. Sorry.

The weather has been cold and rainy all week. Apparently it's not supposed to be like that in July here. We had a ward activity at a park tonight and it was very cold and damp. S-Boogie had a great time playing with her friends. My special raspberry/peach tart didn't win the baking contest, but I still think it was fabulous anyways. The ironic thing is that I thought my potato salad turned out kind of mediocre, but I got a ton of compliments on it. Go figure.

I really liked our talks in church the other day. One guy gave a great talk about following the will of God and used examples of modern pioneers, like the members in Brazil where he served his mission. I've been meaning to write a post about these pictures, but I'll just link to them instead.

We got the kids' pictures and managed to send them off to all of our family members. I also made graduation announcements and sent them out as well. I feel so effecient.

I think that's it. I'll try and write something more interesting one of these days. My brain has been tired lately.


I'm moving to Eugene tomorrow. Cold and rainy sounds like an enormous blessing compared to being in the land of the living proof for global warming.
Desmama said…
I got a little teary at those Africa pictures with the captions from the hymn. It was very fitting indeed.
SenecaSis said…
The photos of the Cameroonian pilgrimmage brought tears to my eyes. How did you come across this?

Thanks for sharing it.
Lindsay said…
Love the Simpsonizing. And LOVE the kid's pictures -- very cute!

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