I (heart) the internet

This probably shows my age a little too much, but I never used the internet until the summer after my freshman year of college. My family got a computer while I was in junior high (I think), but I didn't use it for much besides occasionally typing assignments or playing Prince of Persia. It was more something for my Dad and my older brother to mess around with, and computers were still fairly newish at the time. I don't think I was even required to type my assignments for school, if I remember correctly (well, maybe big papers, but I'm not sure). My freshman year at BYU I do remember going to the computer lab and typing up papers, but I still had no idea that the World Wide Web existed or what you could use it for.

Then, right at the end of my freshman year I got a job as a secretary in the EFY office. I got my own computer at my very own desk. And I got my own email address. It was wonderful. The girls I worked with also introduced me to the internet and all the marvelous things you could use it for. Then, that next school year (my sophomore year), BYU introduced Route Y and I got another email address, and the ability to use the internet for even more exciting things like registering for classes (although staying up all night and taking turns on the phone with my freshman roommates had been a lot of fun).

I still never had my own computer or internet in my apartment until after I came home from my mission and Master Fob and I got married. We first lived in Wymount, where high speed internet was dirt cheap, so that got us hooked. Since then, it's been an essential in our lives. I probably spend way too much time on the computer, checking my email, reading blogs, etc.

But, it really has been a very useful thing to have in my life. For instance, I love blogging and keeping up with all my friends who have blogs. I love being able to read several newspapers online each day. I like checking the weather each morning before I get dressed, and keeping an eye on our bank accounts. We pay most of our bills online, and that has made budgeting so much easier.

I've also been able to use the internet a lot for church stuff. My last visiting teaching companion used email to communicate with me, and it was so much nicer than having to pick up the phone just to ask her about who was doing the lesson. Plus I never remember to call people at reasonable hours, but if they have email it doesn't matter that it's actually 11 PM. Tonight I suddenly had a teacher call me up sick and I was panicking about having to teach the 5 year olds tomorrow in Primary. Even though I still don't want to teach them, at least I didn't have to go out in the snow to track down a lesson manual. I can just go to the Church website and I have lessons at my fingertips (plus 30 years of the Friend in case I need some extra activities for the kids). We use the Friend a lot for fun activities to do with S-Boogie and good FHE lessons. I also like the fact that everyone in the presidency has email and I can just talk to them that way for little reminders and other things. Plus the stake Primary people email me things every so often. It's great for phone phobes like me.

Another thing I use the internet a lot for is recipes. Just today Master Fob and I tried an interesting recipe for baked beans with diced apples. And I found recipes for dinner tomorrow: beef pot pie and berry jello salad. I also have become involved with several online bulletin boards and support groups for women in similar situations. Plus, I don't have to turn on the TV to see what's happening--I can just look up TV Guide online. Not to mention my fabulous Amazon wish list, which lets me keep track of what I want and lets other people know what they can get me for birthdays and such.

I get the feeling that I'm preaching to the choir here, since if you are reading this you probably know how to use the internet and that it is a wonderful place.


Lady Steed said…
Yippee! I think this is the first time that I have ever been the first person to comment anywhere....

Thank you Foxy for this ode to Mr. Internet. I look forward to trying out some of the time wasters you suggested and some of the pratical things as well. (30 years of The Friend!? Horray!)

I remember the early days of Internet. My Dad had it at his office and sometimes I would go with him to work and try out this thing called 'The World WIde Web'. It was lots of fun even if there was a lot of waiting involved.

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