Bad Mommy

So I was going to write a somewhat humorous post about the "bad mommy" I am sometimes. The kids didn't have Easter baskets so I just gave them each a paper bag to take to the egg hunt on Saturday. And I didn't buy them any Easter candy or tell them about the Easter bunny, but on Monday morning I bought Mr. Fob and I several bags at the clearance sale over at the drugstore. So I've been eating candy all week and reading all my friends' posts about the wonderful, generous things they bought their kids for Easter.

But then this afternoon I had one of those sad moments where I really did (and do) feel like a bad mom. When I get ready for work in the afternoon I've gotten in the habit of plugging in my curling iron in the bathroom, shutting the door, and going in my room to change while it heats up. So far my carelessness has worked out fine because usually the kids are in the other room watching TV and Little Dude doesn't know how to open doors yet. By now I'm sure you can tell where this is going. This afternoon S-Boogie had a friend over playing and they decided that Little Dude was the "bad guy" who needed to be shut in the bathroom. I was in the bedroom with the door closed and Mr. Fob was in the living room, so before we realized it Little Dude had grabbed the hot iron with his little hand. I feel so, so bad. Especially since I had to run off to class to give a final shortly after it happened. Apparently he spent much of the evening crying and holding up his little hand, hoping someone could make it better (thankfully Daddy figured out that keeping it in a glass of cold water helps). Hopefully he'll be feeling better tomorrow and I will be too. I hate knowing that my carelessness hurt my sweet little guy like that.


Roni said…
I am so sorry...especially for the part the friend played in the situation.
Lindsay said…
A very similar thing happened to my brother when he was young, only he grabbed the hot curling iron while my mom was standing right next to him (she probably set it down meaning to pick it up when another piece of hair was ready to be curled...only my brother got to it first). He got horrible scars on his wrist that are still to this day quite visible. I know my mom felt bad, but at the same time, there wasn't a whole lot she could have done to keep my curious brother out of the way. You are still a good mommy, even though sad things happen sometimes. Little Dude will be fine and perhaps someday this will turn into one of those Classic Family Accidents stories that you laugh about around the dinner table. (We laugh about ours, that's for sure.)
Jenny said…
Ok, this is so sad! Savannah is always grabbing hot things and getting burned so I have some aloe vera with solarcane in the fridge and I glob it on the burn and it seems to help with the pain a lot.
Desmama said…
My sister did a similar thing too. She was playing on the floor when my mom was doing her hair and pulled the curling iron over. Mom didn't know if it had actually hit my sister or not until a few days later when a huge bubble of a burn appeared on the top of her hand. You might try putting his hand in an oven mitt that has something cool in it--like an ice pack or frozen vegetables. That way he doesn't have to cart around a glass of water.

You're not a bad mom. It could've (and has) happened to any one of us.
Emma said…
Ouch. I'm sorry his hand got hurt. I had one of those moments this morning. I lost Timothy at David's school today. I'm so glad for the other 4 moms who helped me find him.
jana said…
It happened to me. Only worse.

At the time I had a 'professional' extra hot curling iron. My 18 month old son grabbed it, wrapping his little fingers around the barrel.

We ended up in the ER because his delicate skin was charred--and severe burns across the bendy places on the hand can result in later problems. We went through burn therapy (debridement--awful!).

Anyways, is it any wonder that now I only use a blow dryer and I dutifully unplug it after each use?
Kristeee said…
Aw man, that's no fun. I'm sorry for you and Little Dude. And you're not a bad mom - but I do understand about the "bad mom" moments. Thankfully kids are resilient, huh?
Kailey said…
I feel your pain so much, I could honestly cry for you. EVERY mom has these moments. But I know that doesn't make it any easier. You know that you are not a bad mommy though. What bad mommy makes an Easter feast like you and enjoys the time she gets with her family while they devour it? I LOVE that you and FOB are hoarding candy though. Josh and I do it too.:-) I mean, we eat all our vegitables and good stuff and get a balanced meal first, right? Besides, the more of that crap that we eat, means the less that is available in the world for the kids to eat! So really, we are doing them a favor.
Oh my goodness, I can't stand it when things like this happen because of me. My oldest, when she was just 13 months, tipped a hot iron on her foot (we were poor students and had a table top ironing board and I used it on the floor. She was asleep at the time but had woken up and hubby put her on the floor and I wasn't looking). But the all time worst, and I still tear up when I think of this, was when I accidentally spilled boiling water on my youngest daughter's head. She had this HUGE blister and I was so worried that she would be permanently bald because of me.

So don't worry, there are worse moms, like me, out there.

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