Decision Time

Mr. Fob brought today's mail with him when he came to pick me up at the airport. I'm glad he did because there was a little letter from the University of Oregon: they didn't accept me to their program. This is fine because I made up my mind this weekend to accept the offer from Davis; getting rejected from Oregon just makes things easier. I've had several people tell me--and not just the ones working for Davis--that Berkeley's program is really not great right now and they don't give a lot of support to students. And if we're going to live somewhere expensive I'd rather go for the city that's only 150 percent above the national cost of living versus 180 percent. We'll miss being neighbors to the Ttheed family, but maybe we can convince them to move out to the valley with us. Did you know there's a housing development there that not only boasts solar power and communal gardens but also has streets named after Middle Earth geography? I'm already saving my money for a down payment so we can live groovily ever after. Now I just need to get my Birkenstocks fixed up so I can walk down to the Farmer's Market for some organic goat cheese and local wild mushrooms. California, I'm coming home.


Earth Sign Mama said…
"Oh California I'm coming home
Oh make me feel good rock 'n' roll band
I'm your biggest fan
California I'm coming home"

....SIGH....lucky ducky.
Mama said…
That sounds so wonderful and exciting. YAY FOR YOU!!!!
Miss Hass said…
I'm so happy for you! Congrats.
Lindsay said…
Hooray and Congratulations! What a relief, I'm sure, to know now where you are going.
Becca said…
I love that feeling of knowing where you're going to be the next year. Congrats on your acceptance and decision!
Th. said…

I will come to accept this.

In time.
Th. said…

Seriously though, I'm glad you've decided. And it seems like this is going to work out well for you. Congratulations!

Now go get that apartment!
Kengo Biddles said…
My Aunt and Uncle absolutely LOVED their time in Davis. It's a great city; they had their own garden, and the climate's really mild. (I spent 3 years just north of there) and all in all, I think you and the clan will enjoy it, mucho!
skyeJ said…
yay! congrats!
PowersThatBe said…
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!
Queen Zippergut said…
Davis is so very eco-friendly and "green". Very pro-bike and anti-car. My cousin graduated from there, friends have lived there. Gosh, I feel like I'm going home vicariously! Great choice! Congrats!!

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