According to my horoscope in Southwest Airline's magazine, "The March 7 new moon plants pleasant surprises in your path, urging you to embrace serendipity rather than kick it to the curb." This afternoon I decided to spend a little time looking at apartments here in Davis on craigslist. A listing popped up for a two-bedroom apartment at a somewhat reasonable price available on August 5 ; not only that, but it was within walking distance from my hotel. So I hurried on over and gave the complex a looking over. We were hoping for something a little bigger, but it's a nice complex and we would have two bathrooms and a dishwasher. Oh, and air conditioning (a big plus during the hot summers here). We have until Monday to decide if we want to sign a contract. The somewhat serendiptious nature of finding the apartment leads me to want to take it, but I'm afraid of placing too much stock in what could just be a coincidence.

On the other hand, the summer we spent trying to find an apartment in Seattle was horrible. I don't think we have the time or money to come back down here in a few months to search for housing. Plus most contracts here seem to start in September, but S-Boogie needs to start school during the last week of August. And if I want her to get registered for the Spanish immersion school, I need to have a signed lease as proof that we're planning on moving to Davis. If I sign a contract next week, I have a much better chance of getting her into the program. Unfortunately one of the cons of the apartment is that is on the other side of town from the kindergarten that I want. It is, however, down the the street from In-N-Out. If that isn't serendipity, I don't know what is.


Emma said…
That's pretty cool. I hope you find something that works for you.
PS Little was great today! We had fun.
Emma said…
little dude that is

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