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I finally got my rejection letter from Berkeley today. So it ends up that I only got into one of the three schools I applied to. I will admit a tiny bit of wounded pride over the fact that I don't have people fighting over my brilliance, but I'm glad that we have the opportunity to go to Davis. It really seems like a good fit for our family. Now we just need to figure out what we're going to do this summer when we're both unemployed. Maybe we should join the circus.


Miss Hass said…
I only got accepted to one school, too. But that school made me feel really good about that one acceptance. I definitely went through a few moments of wounded ego about the other two schools, but I am confident that this has been the best place for me to be right now. I am excited to hear all about your adventures in Davis!
Could your whole family fit into one of those tiny cars? Or have hair in weird places? There may be a future there, you never know.
PS I've left some other comments too: your posts lately have been excellent. I can see I need to check in more often.
Julie said…
That happend to Jonathan too with grad school, but it was a blessing because it made it easy for us to know what the right decision was!
Kailey said…
Eh! I bet the Davis Mafia went around threatening the other schools if they offered you a spot. Don't you know about the Davis Mafia?
skyeJ said…
You could haul water for the elephants! And write a wonderful tale when you end up in an old folks home someday. I vote circus. Or traipsing through Europe.
rantipoler said…
Hmmm . . . the circus is quite tempting. I applied to three schools - I got in to one, got waitlisted at another, and rejected by another. The funny thing is that the one that accepted me was my first choice and (I think) the best of the three. You never know, it's funny how well some things work out. Davis will be awesome!

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