Just what I needed

When we left for Portland on Friday afternoon I was having serious doubts about our decision to get away for a weekend. It was snowing, Little Dude spent most of the car ride picking off his band-aids and complaining about owie fingers, and what should have been a three hour trip turned into six thanks to a major traffic jam and a very slow waitress at Shari's. But our usage of a Shari's coupon paid off after we got to our friends' home and broke out our free marionberry pie. It gave us the fuel we needed to stay up until two thirty in the morning talking. Yes, four responsible adults who knew that there were six kids in the house all primed and ready to wake up at seven threw caution to the wind and stayed up insanely late. Then we spent all of Saturday in our pajamas ignoring the kids and talking some more. We even ate the rest of our pie while they were in the other room watching a movie. It was a blast.

I'm glad we took this little break since I'm heading off tomorrow to take the kids to Vegas by myself and I know it won't be that kind of a vacation. We spent Friday night and Saturday with our friends, then headed into the city Sunday morning to hang out with my sister for the morning. After brunch (more impossibly slow service--don't servers realize a toddler in a restaurant is a ticking time bomb?), Mr. Fob and the kids drove home and I got to hang out with my sister. We spent the rest of Sunday talking, eating raspberries and cream, eating chocolate covered almonds, and watching Once. Then today we ate breakfast here (chocolate croissant), lunch here (caprese panino with basil, tomato, and mozzarella), bought way too many books here, and then I rode the train home. It was fabulous.

Also this morning I went to a Jeopardy! tryout (yes, I have done this before). And I'm back in the contestant pool for another eighteen months, so keep your fingers crossed that I'll be on television sometime soon. The tryout was a lot of fun, but I can't say much about it because they like to keep their secrets. So the verdict is that I just had one of the most fun vacations I've had in a long time. I just need good friends to talk with, good food, and intellectual stimulation. And apparently only a little bit of sleep.


FoxyJ said…
By the way, Little Dude went to the doctor on Friday morning and she looked at his hand. So far it's healing normally, just slowly. He has a few large blisters that have popped and left raw skin, but it should be better in a few more days hopefully.
Vanessa Swenson said…
Good luck with Jeopardy. You have a lot of fans who really wanna see you with buzzer in hand!
Lindsay said…
Okay, yeah...that would be awesome to see you on Jeopardy. We watch it nearly every night....trivia is so addicting. Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers for you!
Julie said…
Congrats on Jeopardy, good luck on getting on. I'm glad you had fun, we were worried maybe you were bored Sat. because we just sat around the house. Thanks for coming down. It did take me a couple of days to recover from the no sleeping, but I'm sure that is mostly pregnancy related.
Good times - very fun weekend. Now I just need to get another one of those pies...
Kristeee said…
That's awesome about Jeopardy. How fun would it be for your kids to know their mommy won on Jeopardy??
My sister and I have made it a yearly tradition to meet at a hotel, sans kids or husbands, for 3 days. It is always wonderful!

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