Shoe Store Epiphany

Hopefully this is the end of my shoe-buying saga and I can move on to blogging about something else. Last week I ordered some Softwalk shoes from; they came on Thursday and I wore them around for a little while. They really felt tight, both in the toes and the heel. So I tried ordering the next biggest size. They came today and I excitedly put them on; the toes felt great, but my heels were popping out every time I walked. I got really frustrated and decided that I was never going to be able to find shoes that fit. Then I remembered a coupon for a nearby shoe store that had. I decided it was time to get over my fear of sales people and go shopping. Mr. Fob was here doing homework and Little Dude was napping, so I ran away to the shoe store for a little while. At first things didn't go well. Things were either crushing my toes or flopping off my feet. I think the sales clerk was getting a little frustrated. Then he brought out these shoes in an 8 1/2 wide. I slipped them on and couldn't believe it: they felt totally comfortable. My toes weren't squished and they didn't flop off the back. I have hardly ever felt that comfortable in shoe. I'm so excited to have finally found shoes that fit me well. I'm going to wear them around the house today to make sure, especially because they are a little high in the back and I worry about that rubbing my heel. They're also a bit dressier than I had envisioned, but I don't care because I am in love. The best part? They were on sale for nearly forty dollars cheaper than the ones I tried ordering online.


Lindsay said…
Very cute! And shoe bargains always make me happy. :)
Desmama said…
Oh, those are so cute! I'm looking for a similar pair and I hope I have similar good luck in finding something.
Em said…
I had a similar struggle finding black mary-jane-style shoes to wear both to teach and in real life. I actually bought some Doc Martens, despite the fact that they cost more than most anything I've bought myself in year. And they're good.

I feel your shoe-buying pain! Glad you found some good ones.
Mary said…
I bought some Clarks shoes on my mission and wore them until they fell apart. They were one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I have ever owned!
Terina said…
clarks are great shoes!! their indigo line is also awesome. i have a pair of them and i love them!!
Kristeee said…
Nice! I'm glad that you found such a cute pair for such a great deal. Go you!
Niiice. I have to wear wide shoes for the same reason. It stinks because my sister often gives me gorgeous hand me down shoes and I can't wear any of them for more than 2 hours before I start getting headaches (yup, the pain travels that far). I'm glad you finally found somthing that works.

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