Happy Easter

One day when I was still a relatively new missionary we stopped by a member's home for some reason. Her neighbor was visiting, so we talked with her for a while about our missions and about the church. She said something to us that I had heard before from people, but the pain on her face as she spoke has really stuck in my mind. She told us that she could never talk to God or feel good about herself because she was such an abject sinner. After all, when God came to the Earth we rejected him and crucified him instead of worshiping him. Having grown up in the Church, I had never looked at Christ's life in that way before. I had been raised with the idea that Christ voluntarily gave his life for us; even though the crucifixion was horrible, it was part of the plan and it allowed us the opportunity to return to God. I've often thought about this woman and wished I could somehow give her more of the feeling of hope that I have in the love of God for me and for all of us as His children. Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays because we celebrate the life and resurrection of Jesus. I'm grateful today to remember Him once again and to feel his love for me and for all of us.


I have heard this from people as well and it always makes my heart hurt. I want to grab them and say, "Don't you see that he went through all that just for you? If you stay away simply because of your 'sins' you are making what he did of less value. He wants you to come to Him and take part in the Atonement BECAUSE you have made mistakes. He didn't die for the perfect people."

I am always grateful on Easter for the fact that I am loved no matter how "bad" I am or how many mistakes I make.
skyeJ said…
"you are making what he did of less value"

Nothing can ever make the Atonement of Christ of any less value.
Ew, put that way it does sound awful (which is why I never actually say this to anyone). What I mean it to say is "of less value to you" but even that sounds presumptuous and judgmental (which I have a tendancy of coming off as).

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