High on a Bargain

I know I've posted some grocery shopping tips on here before and I feel like I spend way too much time on my blog bragging about shopping, but I love saving money and I love food! I have really gotten into stocking up my pantry and saving money, so I get excited when I can do that. Today I went to the grocery store and managed to save 35 dollars while spending 40. I love it when I do that. First of all, I've recently realized (duh) that many dairy products like cream cheese and sour cream are sold at least a month or so before their expiration dates. So now when I see them on sale, I buy a few packages and just keep them in my fridge for when I need them. For example, I've decided that I really like Daisy sour cream since it has no additives. Our store had it on sale for $1.50 off the regular price, so I grabbed three containers this week. Same thing with cream cheese; I'd rather buy a few bricks while it's only a dollar each than suddenly need it and have to pay $3.00. Today I was most excited about the fact that the store had five-pound bags of flour on sale for $1.00 each. I totally stocked up; now if there's some kind of disaster I'm ready with flour and cream cheese. Oh, and coconut. It was also a dollar a bag and I like to use it in granola or cookies. The coconut is a good example of how you don't have to buy tons of one product to stock up. I often think of stocking my pantry as spending lots of money for mass quantities of food. But things like coconut or chocolate chips don't used up that frequently. Even still, spending four dollars for four bags that will last about six months is a great idea. Also, if you are patient, most things eventually go on sale. Our store seems to rotate which brands of dairy products are on sale and so every few weeks I can count on the brand I like being available for cheap. I'm almost embarrassed to post my most exciting bargain. As I was leaving, I noticed a cart full of discontinued health and beauty items that were all one dollar. I found a tube of my favorite toothpaste, and then I found a package of Monistat cream. I know, that's kind of gross. But it usually costs ten dollars and I got it for one dollar. It doesn't expire until next September and knowing my body, chances are good that I'm going to need it. Don't worry, I won't tell you about it when I do. I'll just gloat over the fact that I got it at such a deal and that it's waiting in my house for that awful moment late at night when you realize you need to run to the drugstore and cough up insane amounts of money to feel better.


Emma said…
I too love a bargain! And stock up when I see things at a great price. Good finds!
Anonymous said…
I often contemplate ways I can spend less on our grocery bill, so I appreciate your bargains. However, this is a stark difference between your family and mine:

"But things like chocolate chips don't used up that frequently."

I think Paul would shrivel up and die if we didn't consume fewer than three packages of chocolate chips a month.
Miss Hass said…
Great bargains!

I love shopping clearance baskets and racks; but to keep myself from going nuts, I avoid buying things I don't normally use. (Although if there's good chocolate in there, I can be persuaded...)
Anonymous said…
--And by "fewer" I mean "at least."
skyeJ said…
$1 for yeast infection treatment is WAY good.
FoxyJ said…
Miss Hass--good point about buying stuff you don't actually use. I've occasionally bought stuff 'because it's a good deal' and never used it, so that's kind of dumb. I also like that my grocery store has a little sign telling how much you're saving off the regular price, so that makes it easier to decide if it's a good deal and worth stocking up on or not. Ten cents off, not so much; two dollars off, definitely.
jules said…
You crack me up. Where did you get your flour? And can you post your recipe for cookies with coconut in them? YUM! Thanks for the deals!
FoxyJ said…

It was QFC, but I think the sale ended today. They were having a "7 for $7 sale on a lot of things last week and I managed to get in at the end of it. I usually just shop at QFC since I can walk to it (straight out the back door). I've found that the sale prices are usually just as cheap as Safeway's sale prices and I like the produce better too. But the checkers can be kind of scary. I always pick the women, they're usually a bit nicer :)
Lindsay said…
I love stocking up on sale items. It makes me feel good. And it makes me feel even better when I do it at the grocery store that tells me how much I saved. Good feelings all around on those occasions.

And I agree: if you're just patient, most items do go on sale (though, sadly, some not nearly as often as I wish they would). Since I essentially plan my meals around the weekly circular, it's always a happy day at our house when something different -- and tasty -- goes on sale.
Mimsy Buttons said…
Hi - long-time lurker here! (And classmate of Mr. Fob)

Good tips - I also like scanning the spices/herbs for sale items. There is almost always something on sale, and you can stock up (and stay stocked up) on every flavoring you could ever want over a few months of specials... the loose/bulk spices tend to be way cheaper too.

As for the monistat though - that stuff can actually make you more prone to issues in the long run. And you can get the same help by applying a garlic clove coated in plain yogurt and some powdered acidopholous 3 nights in a row... (same application method). Um, and it will come out the next morning if you just walk around some. Less than $1 if you stock up/have that stuff around anyway though! :-)

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