28 Weeks

For the record, today was slightly better than yesterday. I managed to keep my positive attitude despite not receiving the anticipated phone call from the bank. If we're not in our bigger house with a dishwasher before Thanksgiving we might just go ahead and have pizza for dinner that day. With paper plates. Anyways, today only had a few rough spots. I'm sure that part of the problem with Little Dude lately is his lack of sleep; he woke up again freaking out in the middle of the night. Tonight he confided in me that he doesn't like his bed and he wants to sleep in mommy and daddy's room all night (yeah right!). It's weird because last week when we were talking about what we're thankful for he specifically mentioned his fire truck bed. He talks about it all the time, but apparently sleeping in it is not OK.

Today I had another checkup at the doctor's office. The good news is that baby is growing well, my blood pressure is nice and low, and I've gained less than 15 pounds so far. Really, everything is going well. However, I was thinking about calling this post "how many pills can I take in one day." Today when I went in I decided to have them test me for a bladder infection. I've actually been feeling some, uh, discomfort for several weeks now. It tends to come and go, though, and so I've been hesitating over making a big deal over it or not. A few weeks ago they treated me for yeast, but it never seemed to go away. Then for the last week I've been struck with a feeling of needing to pee all the time (not unusual for being pregnant) and a lot more cramping and contracting (also not too unusual for third trimester). I'm glad I asked them to test me, because it turns out that I do have an infection. I've been feeling ambivalent about this because now I have to take antibiotics four times a day for the next week. This is along with my fiber pills, the iron supplement, and the daily Zantac that makes it so I can actually eat. I should probably be taking some vitamins too but I haven't been so good at it. I normally don't like taking a lot of medicine and I feel wary about it when I'm pregnant. But, all the things I'm taking have had positive effects on me so far. I hope this antibiotic really will clear up the problem so I can get through the next little while without constantly feeling like I'm going to pee all over the place. Thankfully I will be able to stop taking most of these pills after this baby gets here. Only twelve weeks to go!


Kristeee said…
I say there's nothing wrong with paper plates on Thanksgiving! You could always have turkey pizza - that way it'd still be festive.

I hate to suggest even more pills to add to your regimen, but I really really would suggest taking a moderate-to-high dose of probiotics during and for a week (or more) after your course of antibiotics. I had a nice dose of antibiotics when I was pregnant that caused some gastric distress . . . which caused contractions, early labor, and my water to break 6 weeks early. Sunflower Market's a great place to get them - get the enteric coated kind and keep them refrigerated.
FoxyJ said…
Thanks for the tip Kristee--I've been trying to eat yogurt but I should probably take the probiotics too. My mom had a bad problem with antibiotics this summer and so I've been nervous. It's hard because UTIs can cause early labor too, and I've been having cramping for a week, so I thought I'd be safe and take the antibiotic. So hard to know what to do sometimes!
Julie said…
Last year we had moved into our house a couple of days before Thanksgiving so we went to Chuck O Rama. It was great.

I personally am a big fan of drugs, all kinds. ;) I'm grateful to live in a day of modern medicine.
AmyJane said…
I'm having a "how many pills can I take" pregnancy as well. I have an old lady weekly divider full of Unisom, B6, Zantac, prenatal vits, and am supposed to fill a new presciption for Fioraset for headaches. I'm kind of hoping they'll just go away cause I can't help but think I'm marinating this kid in drugs.
Hang in there. I kind of wish I was that far along, but am not at all ready to have a newborn around yet, so I think I'll just deal.

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