I didn't realize how difficult it would be to post every day here on the blog. Hopefully next week I'll start thinking of interesting things to say. Part of the problem is that Little Dude has been having sleep issues. He keeps waking up in the middle of the night completely freaked out and screaming. It takes forever to get him back to sleep. Not fun. And I'm just tired of being pregnant right now. Hosting Mr. Fob's big birthday bash was a lot of fun, but it really wiped me out. I'm still exhausted today and my hands keep swelling (if I'm still feeling weird tomorrow then I'll go into the doc and have them check things out; swelling is not something that usually happens when I'm pregnant).

So hopefully tomorrow I'll have more interesting things to say. Next Sunday I have to give a talk about being 'steadfast and immovable', so if anyone has good ideas I could use some inspiration. For right now I'm just going to get myself to bed.


skyeJ said…
You could talk about your bowels being steadfast and immovable. It is one of the divine blessings that comes with motherhood, right? I bet that isn't what they're expecting for sacrament meeting, though.
Emma said…
I'm sorry about the swelling. I didn't get that with #1, but I did with #2 and a little w/ #3.
Th. said…

Doesn't this surprise you every year?
FoxyJ said…
Th--Yes, but at least the surprise can generate one more post :)

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