I am thankful for the library

Tonight for Family Home Evening we talked about Thanksgiving and made a little 'gratitude turkey' where we wrote on the feathers which things we were thankful for. Little Dude even did his feathers without any help by drawing his fire truck bed, his special rock box, and his family. He also mentioned that he was thankful for the library. Then while we were brushing teeth S-Boogie told us that at school today she wrote that when she grows up she wants to be a librarian because she loves books and she loves the library. I'm sure part of this was prompted by the fact that Monday is library day for the kids, and their dad is a librarian (even though he's not working there full-time right now). But I'm glad my children love the library even though neither of them can read on their own yet. I can't wait until they start picking out their own books to read all by themselves.

I can also say that I'm truly grateful for libraries. I've spent countless hours there during my lifetime and read hundreds (maybe thousands?) of library books. Tonight I went back by myself to browse (looking for my own stuff when I'm there with the kids is a disaster) and I was reveling in all the things I could get. I am thankful for libraries in general and particularly for my local library, which is one of the best around.


Desmama said…
I, too, love libraries, and I get absurdly excited when they hand me my check-out slip with the due dates printed and tuck it into my book, almost like a receipt. I requested two books a few weeks ago and they agreed to buy them (instead of doing interlibrary loan) and I think it about made my month.

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