The Crib Thing

We have a decent crib that we've used for two kids now. Ever since I found out I was pregnant, though, I've been debating replacing it. That's mostly due to this particular problem. We did end up putting some contact paper over the damaged parts, but Little Dude either chewed through it or pulled a lot of it off. So it doesn't look so hot anymore. For the last few months I've had an internal debate between my aesthetic sense and my frugal sense. I made up my mind to go ahead and sand down the crib and refinish it. That is the best thing to do, really, and probably won't be that hard. Especially once we end up in our new house with a garage. The baby will sleep in a bassinet for the first few months anyways so we have leeway. But then I've been reading stories about this recall, and even though that is not the brand of our crib, the stupid picture of the baby doll with his head trapped in the broken side will not get out of my paranoid pregnant brain. Our crib is a similar drop-side model, and the drop-side mechanism has been broken since about two weeks after we got it. That means it doesn't move at all and hasn't during the many years we've had the crib. The problem with pregnancy hormones is that they make you irrational and paranoid. It's no wonder the baby-supply industry can make so much money. I think I'll try and put off the crib decision until after we have the baby. And stop looking at that webpage.


If I were to do our crib thing over again, I'd get a mini crib. It's about the size of a pack n' play, but a real crib. They're less expensive and take up less space. I want to get one with our next child.
Stephanie said…
The picture in the recall link happened to my son. We bought the crib used and used it for four kids. My kids jumped in the crib and broke the bottom. DH made a new bottom that worked fine, but one day the little piece snapped. I can't remember what I was doing with the crib, but I was in a hurry, and I remember thinking, "I need to check that before I put him in it". I forgot. The next morning I heard him crying. Usually I would just let him cry for a few minutes, but something made me jump out of bed and run. Fortunately, his feet were touching the floor. I got him out and just shook and sobbed for a while. Then I tore the damn crib to bits. We bought a new one for my new baby, but I am still wary after that experience. It was just too close.
Mindy said…
I had some really terrible flashbacks to refinishing my crib before Caitlin was born. I had a hand-me-down crib for Dylan and wanted to make it look a little better for my new baby. I was frantically trying to refinish it before Caitlin was born- I had a really hard time with the sanding and then I wanted to do something drastic when I got to the painting part. Maybe you'll find that it's not that big of a deal but while reading this I was yelling out "BUY A NEW CRIB!!!!!" That's what Craigslist is for! Get a gently used crib that's new to you. That's my 2 cents.
Stephanie said…
Yeah, I agree. Just buy a new crib.
skyeJ said…
duct tape. It will fix anything. and its Klassy.
Kristeee said…
If you decide to keep the crib and don't want to refinish it, there are gummy teething rail covers at Babies R Us that either snap on or adhere to the underside of the rail. Kate teethed on her crib and did quite a bit of damage, so that was our solution.

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