Now I'm not the only thirty-something around here

Today is Mr. Fob's big birthday: three decades old! I celebrated by being cranky all day and the kids celebrated by making a giant mess that involved throwing all of their clothing down the basement stairs ("why?" you ask--because they are children and do these kinds of things). To be fair, I did make a small cake and I took the kids to Target to buy him some small gifts (bubble bath and action figures). His sister also took him to the movies. We're having a big party on Saturday so I will make a real cake then and try to make an effort not to be too cranky. I realized today that the pressure I put on myself to have birthdays feel 'special' usually ends up resulting in my not doing anything because I feel stressed about perfection. I think Mr. Fob had a good day anyways so that's what counts. I've tried to think of thirty reasons why he is so awesome, but I'd rather spend my time watching Heroes and eating cake, so here are a few things I've thought of recently:

He is very neat and clean in the bathroom. Lately Little Dude has expressed interest in learning to pee standing up, and his daddy has not only taught him how to do it but also how to wipe the toilet clean and return the seat to its proper place. Thanks for teaching our children good habits!

Mr. Fob is the Halloween costume master. We were a little lazy this year with the kids, but he still made me a cool shirt to wear. I'm not big into Halloween so it's fun to be married to someone who is enthusiastic about the holiday.

Mr. Fob is a hard worker and has been dedicated to every job he's held since we've been married. Some of them were not as great as others, but he still put in his full effort and didn't slack off. Even now when I go to the library I feel kind of famous because everyone who used to work with him likes him so much.


Th. said…

That shirt was very cool.
"because they are children and they do these kinds of things." Oh. Yeah.
Earth Sign Mama said…
Children things...Things like have lotion wars. Or shave off their bangs. Or light a tissue on fire on the living room carpet. This, too, shall pass.

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