I agree!

I think People magazine is right on the money with this year's pick for Sexiest Man Alive. I've had a crush on him ever since my mom gave us some money and dropped us off at the theater one afternoon to watch Edward Scissorhands. I don't know what's wierder: that I think Edward Scissorhands is sexy or that Johnny Depp is 46.


Samantha said…
Someday I would like to figure out what makes men sexy. :-)
Jenny said…
Johnny Depp is definitely sexy, even if I do think he looks scrubby and kind of greasy. I haven't seen Edward Scissorhands in a long time, so I will go watch it and then give you an informed decision about that one.
Cheryl said…
Neither is weird. Johnny Depp is the epitome of sexy!
The 46, definitely. Still, he is timeless: one of my YW has a huge crush on him. Hasn't he had this award at least one other time? If not, who on earth is doing the judging?
And Jenny, what is "scrubby?" So scruffy he needs a scrub?
Mr. Fob said…
I thought I was your sexiest man alive... :(
Earth Sign Mama said…
I know what makes CoolGuy ultra-sexy...when I walk in after work and he is washing the dishes! Oooh-la la--hotcha!
Yodame said…
I disagree, I will give you mysterious and intriguing but not sexy. It should have been Ewan McGregor, sizzle. Put them in a sexy-off and he would win every time.

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