I can't stop laughing

I was going to post this on the kids' blog, but I figure that I need a post for today. It also made me realize that I don't spend enough time just laughing and enjoying myself. I used to do it a lot and now I have a hard time relaxing. Little Dude has been particularly difficult lately, but thankfully he made us laugh at least two times. I still laugh thinking about the one from lunch.


LD: "Daddy, can I watch Mission to Mars after lunch?" [it's a Backyardigans DVD that he loves]

Daddy: "Sorry, but I took it back to the library."

Mr. Fob to me: "Featuring the voice of Alicia Keys" [quoting the annoying preview we've seen a billion times]

LD: "What! I don't even like Alicia Keys! I don't like broccoli, or carrots, or tomatoes either. Or salad!"


LD: "Knock, knock"

Me: "Who's there?"

LD: "Children with glue in their eyes"

Me: "Children with glue in their eyes, who?"

LD: "Milk!"

Some days I regret the fact that he has learned how to talk because then I hear things like "I won't" or "I'm never going to get dressed" or "I want to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's room all night". But he has a charming (and random) sense of humor that does manage to crack me up!


Th. said…

O tries to hard to be funny. Someday I'm sure he'll develop a shareable sense of humor, but the charmingly random part has past. S should be coming up soon, though....

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