At least the ending was good

Today was not a great day. I was determined to have a good day and woke up with a positive attitude (I'm trying the 'power of positive thinking' approach on the people at the bank). This morning I even cleaned out the fridge and tidied up the kitchen. Then I had to run errands with Little Dude; stopping at three different places means getting in and out of the car six different times. Each of those times involves a struggle over adjusting the car seat, buckling the car seat, reminding him once again that he should not get in the car and lock his door, or play around, and so on. Shopping with him is exhausting because he won't ride in the cart anymore, and he's really too big for me to put in there anyways. Generally he's fairly well-behaved, but my brain gets so tired of keeping track of him, maneuvering the cart, following my list, calculating prices on things, and so on. Plus it was cold outside and my coat won't zip up anymore. I don't like Mondays because S-Boogie gets out of school right after lunch so the day always feels too short. Monday is library day so we went; again it's not too bad, but trying to make my way through the library with two children is a headache (my brain gets overstimulated easily and that is my one big weakness as a mom). After we got home I started cooking dinner and while I was cooking the kids got out markers and crayons to color with. However, they started just playing around with them instead of coloring and Little Dude's crayon tub got knocked to the floor. Instead of cleaning them up like I asked him to, he started drawing on the floor with them. I was cooking and didn't notice right away. This has happened before, so I decided to throw away all the crayons and the tub because frankly, I'm sick of art right now. The kids go through about 20 pieces of paper a day and my house is always covered in random papers, tape, and crayon. Perhaps for Christmas I'll get them each a box of crayons in their stocking but right now we need new hobbies around here. I gave Little Dude a rag and a bottle of cleaner and he cleaned most of the crayon off the floor. Oh, and the other crazy thing for the day happened as I was leaving to pick up S-Boogie from school. Instead of getting right in the car, Little Dude stopped to mess around with his bike for a bit. I finally got him in the car and we pulled out of the garage. As I hit the remote to close the door, I watched it come down on his bike which he had left partway out and snap off the handle (it is a trike with a push handle). I was so frustrated because I usually walk to S-Boogie's school and push him on his bike. I guess he's going to have to really start pedalling now!


Thankfully we had a delicious dinner, a moderately successful family home evening and a very yummy treat. And the kids went to sleep right away. I might have to go eat more treat because I'm going to go watch a few more episodes of Mad Men on DVD. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day!


My kids will NEVER color! I'm always trying to get them to do it. Our alternative activities always involve weapons and wrestling.

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