Three Realizations For Today

1. I really like hosting parties and cooking for people, even when it does take me all day. I'm really looking forward to having a home with a better kitchen that is more equipped for entertaining.

2. Hosting a party when you're almost 7 months pregnant isn't really the best idea. I kept going through the day, but now I'm exhausted and my hands and feet are swelling up. Looks like I might have to put off some of my bigger holiday plans until next year.

3. My brain is divided into two parts: irrational and rational. The rational part believes my doctor and the ultrasounds and trusts that chances of something bad happening again are slim. The irrational part freaks out about every little twinge and pain. It could be a long twelve weeks from here on out.


Desmama said…
I always think the idea of entertaining sounds great on paper, and then when I'm in the thick of preparations I'm like, why did I think this sounded like fun? I'm glad you like to do it. You're a better person than I am. :)
Christian said…
This means that you'll be joining us for Twelfth Night this year, no? :)

Thank you for having us down.
skyeJ said…
Don't worry, Jessie. Things are going to work out. That kiddo will come out with no problems this time around. Your uterus is shaped like a heart, for crying out loud! That means it makes babies feel loved inside!! :) Like they've been inside a Valentine!
Earth Sign Mama said…
Pregnancy is time of irrationality. Think about it: you've been taken over by an alien. You are just a pod. Don't fret that you think irrational thoughts. It's hard to avoid with the ridiculous hormone overload and bizarre things occuring physically. Just try to do a lot of calm and pleasant things, and be around calm people. (Oh...three year old...moving...Christmas...)(Nevermind.) But seriously...lots of prayers are prayed for you daily. Take a deep breath and eat some pudding.

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