Actual Conversation I'm Hearing Right Now

The kids are in the bathtub:

S-Boogie: That's your penis. It's like a vagina, but it's longer.

Little Dude: No, that's my bum!

S-Boogie: No, your bum is in back.

And now they're back to fighting over a washcloth...


Brinestone said…
Lego asked a while ago very pointedly about what to call his penis. I told him the correct term. Now he talks about it all the time. And in the last month, he's started asking about his testicles, specifically, whether his pee is in there before it comes out (he's potty training). I told him no. Then he asked what they were for. I kind of floundered, and I don't know what I answered. Hrm.
skyeJ said…
SO CUTE!!! I love it.
Kengo Biddles said…
Oh-MY. We've not hit that stage -- yet.

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