Extreme Sacrament Meeting

Every week for the last few years we've taken S-Boogie's little pink backpack to church with us. Last week for some reason we forgot to bring it home. This morning I was unsure if I should plan on finding it there or not, but felt reasonably confident that it would be sitting in the lost and found. It wasn't. Thankfully I'd had each kid grab a book on the way out the door, and I had a blank piece of paper and a pen in my bag. I was still dreading sacrament meeting, but it turned out to not be any worse than other weeks. A kind friend in front of me loaned Little Dude a car to play with, and S-Boogie spent most of the time drawing on her paper. Little Dude usually ignores most of the things we bring anyways so he didn't seem to miss the church bag. I don't think I could do this every week, but I'm grateful we survived today as minimalists. And maybe I will think of cutting down some of the stuff we bring. It's a lot easier to keep track of one pen instead of 16 crayons.


skyeJ said…
I used to use silly putty to stick my scriptures together before I had a quad, mostly so that I would have something to play with in church. You don't need much.

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