Eating all the way

I meant to post a picture of our Thanksgiving feast, but I haven't had a chance to get it off the camera first. Plus the pictures are kind of boring because the food was kind of boring. It tasted good, but this year I went for traditional food over creative food. We had turkey, stuffing (from a box), mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes with streusel topping, cranberry sauce (from a can), rolls, and spinach salad with orange-poppy seed dressing. And I made pumpkin cake for dessert. It was good, but don't believe the recipe when it says it makes 6-8 servings; it's more like 16 to 18. We've been enjoying it for a few days now.

My parents got to town on Thursday afternoon right before dinner and we haven't stopped eating since. Friday morning we got up and went to a nearby Christmas tree farm to cut down a tree; they had free popcorn and cider. Then we went out for lunch at a very tasty burger place here in town. Thankfully we went for a little walk in the arboretum to settle our stomachs, because then we came home to more leftovers for dinner. This morning Mr. Fob made pancakes for breakfast, and then we went to the farmers market. I love the market--today we got a big bag (10 pounds) of mandarin oranges for only ten dollars. We also tried a bunch of yummy samples and then got some food for lunch. And then S-Boogie insisted we stop by the frozen yogurt shop for a treat. This afternoon we took a break from eating at the nifty railroad museum in Sacramento. It was much cooler than I thought it was going to be--we couldn't tear my dad or the kids away from it. Tonight we ended up eating even more Thanksgiving food and some tasty squash we picked up at the market. And more pumpkin cake. After my parents leave tomorrow I think I need to fast for a few days to clean out my system.


brinestone said…
If flushing out your system is what you're after, we've got a really great stomach flu at our house that we'd be willing to share. ;) Sounds like you had a happy Thanksgiving.
Desmama said…
Another thing you can be grateful for: that you can eat all that delicious-sounding food! I'm so packed full of baby right now I couldn't eat nearly what I wanted. *Sigh* The turkey gave me heartburn and I've had to suffice with mere snacks for meals. It's tragic, I tell you.
Kristeee said…
I feel your pain! I've gained 3 pounds in the last 3 days, proving that having my hubby home for a long weekend and having a holiday based on binging isn't the best combination for my waistline!

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