Dora Redeems Herself, Kind Of

Last year I blogged about my ambivalent attitude towards Dora the Explorer. It's been over a year and we're still watching Dora. S-Boogie has transferred some of her affections to the Backyardigans, Clifford, and Super Why, but Little Dude is a die-hard Dora fan. One of his favorite shows is the fairy tale adventure where Dora becomes a princess and saves Boots. I actually don't mind that episode as much as I thought I would, since Dora has to go on a quest to become a princess. Since that episode they've come out with a few other special Dora titles in which she saves the mermaids or saves the Snow Princess. I was really getting tired of the obvious pandering to the Disney market with the whole "princess" theme.

And then the other day Mr. Fob and I were at Target and noticed a new Dora title: Dora Saves Three Kings' Day. We checked it out from the library and it's pretty cool. One thing I do like about the show is how it effortlessly integrates Hispanic culture into what Dora does (there's another episode where she has to save her cousin's Quinceanera party). The kids have been watching the show this weekend and are really looking forward to this year's Three King's party. So unlike last year we will have a more kid-oriented party and I'm looking forward to having the kids dress up like the kings. Except we're not going to invite the camel, the elephant, or the horse.


Earth Sign Mama said…
I think it is so cute how Lil Dude loves Dora. And being able to add another celebration into your lives is excellent too!

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