Saturday is a special day

This morning I woke up feeling grumpy and I worried that it was going to be a bad day. We didn't have much planned and the kids got us up bright and early at seven o'clock. But then Mr. Fob made some yummy french toast with blueberries for breakfast, and after breakfast we cleaned the house. Then we thought we'd use today as a "date day" with the kids and have each of us take one of them out for some fun. Turns out that both kids wanted to go to McDonalds (food and a playground, who wouldn't want to go there?). We haven't had fast food for a few months so it seemed like a fun family outing. We decided to turn it into a bike ride to get some exercise and to take advantage of the lovely weather (72 degrees and sunny!). McDonalds is about three miles across town, but there's a pretty bike path that takes us all the way there and back. The kids had fun eating and playing, and then Little Dude fell asleep in the trailer on the way home. He stayed asleep when we put him in his bed, so he finally got a nap for once. Then S-Boogie went over to a friend's house for a playdate and I tried to work on homework. Later Little Dude got up and we all went outside for a while to go get S-Boogie. The kids played some more and we talked with our new friend's mom (this girl is in S-Boogie's class and lives in the apartments next door to us). After it got dark we came home, ate dinner, and put the kids in bed. Now Mr. Fob and I are going to watch a movie and drink hot chocolate. I think every Saturday should be like this.


rantipoler said…
Wow, your Saturday sounds way better than mine, which consisted of reading Niebla, preparing a conference paper, revising a book review, and grading essays. I didn't even go outside today! Blech.

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