We have an enclosed patio on our new apartment, so I've taken to letting the kids play out there since they can have fun outside without running off anywhere. There's also a water spigot and a patch of dirt, which means the fun they have usually isn't the clean kind. This afternoon they wanted to play outside for a while before we left to take S-Boogie to a birthday party. I told them they could as long as they didn't turn on the water, since we didn't have a lot of time for cleaning up. Things were going well and I didn't hear any water. Then I heard S-Boogie ask "Hey Mom, what are these black rocks?" They'd gotten into the bag of charcoal we'd had stored out there and were playing with it.

And then later tonight I was finishing up the black bean soup I'd cooked for the missionaries. I thought I'd add a bit more cumin, and so unscrewed the lid and started shaking some in. Then I looked down and realized it was the jar without a shaker and I'd dumped about one-fourth a cup of cumin in the soup. Thankfully I fished a lot of it out. The soup was still edible but had a distinctive taste.


Th. said…

I've recently released the difference between food and art is cumin.
Earth Sign Mama said…
I totally agree with th.
With cumin AND charcoal, a little goes a long way.

My favorite winter spice is white pepper. I think it is impossible to make a really good creamy soup without it.
skyeJ said…
My taximan in Morocco said that a HUGE spoonful of cumin would cure any stomach bug you had. mmm. I prefer the pepto. But I do like cumin. Especially on cucumbers chopped up with tomatoes and some salt. mmm. Moroccan salad.

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