A Good Way to Avoid Homework

One of the ways I've been avoiding my homework this week is investigating Thanksgiving recipes online. The big day is only two weeks away and I'm working on solidifying my menu. Apparently writing my ten-page essay for next Tuesday is not as important as deciding which side dishes to serve. Mr. Fob and I decided that we're willing to buy turkey and are exploring our options to see if we can find something that will be both environmentally friendly and not break our budget. Thankfully we don't need a very big bird for our little group (my parents are coming), especially since I'm not a huge fan of turkey. Even though I haven't bought meat for about two months now, we both agree that you just can't have tofurky or Quorn for Thanksgiving. We're more into eating meat sparingly than not at all.

And even though I think it's weird to have so many starches with one meal, we'll still have the traditional stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and rolls. I'm toying with cutting the sweet potatoes since we eat them so often as it is, but we'll probably keep them on the menu. I'm also thinking of doing a winter fruit salad with pomegranate, apple, and orange, since those are fresh and cheap around here. Or maybe a green salad with pomegranate and sliced oranges for the kids. My other big dilemma is dessert. With a small group I think that just one dessert is best, and I'm actually leaning toward a pumpkin crunch cake instead of pie. Just because I like it and want an excuse to make it. Now if only doing my homework were as exciting as thinking about food.


Jenny said…
That pumpkin crunch cake sounds fabulous! Alton Brown's turkey brine from the food network is really wonderful.
Earth Sign Mama said…
Another concept, which I've done on a past holiday, is to just buy a turkey breast to roast and serve. It's also easier to cook it to perfection because it is all the same type of meat. A whole turkey is so difficult because the legs and thighs have different cooking requirements than the breast parts.

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