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The school I'm attending right now is on the quarter system, which means that the year is divided into three quarters: fall, winter, and spring. This has been adjustment after attending a school with only two semesters for so long. Quarters are shorter, and even though there are only three weeks left in Fall I still feel like I just started. I'm also trying to register for Winter classes and am trying to decide what to do next. In order to finish my degree requirements I need a certain number of graduate credits. I also have to take at least 12 credits a quarter to keep my fellowship, a number that generally translates into three classes. This quarter all three of my classes are graduate level, which means they will count towards my degree. Talking to my adviser the other day I realized that I could feasibly get all the required credits out of the way in two years if I only took graduate-level classes. But they give you three years to get all the classes out of the way so you can have a little more room in your schedule and so you can take other language classes that are not graduate level.

Long story short, I think I'm going to take an intermediate Italian class next quarter. I'm nervous because it's been years (nearly 10 actually) since I have taken Italian. And I feel a little funny taking something that doesn't directly count towards graduation (the credits don't, but I need a third language). But several people have pointed out to me that Winter quarter is hard since it is the middle of the year and I think it would be nice to have only two graduate classes in one quarter.

So I went to register for my Italian class and realized that they had changed the time from what was originally listed. It is now at a time that conflicts with two Spanish classes that I was considering taking. It also conflicts with at least one English class that looks interesting. Now if I want to take Italian, I'll have to sacrifice by either taking an English class that I'm really not interested in (eighteenth century literature) or by taking a class on Monday, which would mean I'd have class four days a week on campus. I'd rather have my schedule be more compact than that. I'm having a hard time deciding what to do, although I'm leaning towards the un-exciting English class. Who knows? Maybe eighteenth-century literature will redeem itself for me after all.


rantipoler said…
I'm not sure what's worse - when there are too many classes to choose from and it's hard to figure out your schedule, or when there are not enough classes to choose from and your schedule might as well be pre-arranged for you.

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