Fourth Foto

So there's a meme going around that asks you to post the fourth photo in the fourth folder of your pictures on your computer. I'm posting two because the folder arrangement was different each time I looked at it. And the first one is boring. Here goes:
May 2004. Luckily this actually is a random photo without people in it. I don't know why we have this, but it's from before we had our digital camera so I guess I didn't realize I'd taken four pictures of the floor. This is our hideously ugly apartment in Orem that had brown paneling, brown carpet, brown drapes, and brown doors. And it was semi-basement. I don't miss it at all.
June 2001: this is me fudging a little because the fourth picture in my "old pictures" file had people in it that I'm not sure want to be put online. Especially old photos of them from 1997. This was shortly after we got engaged and were showing off the ring. Remember when I used to wear contacts? That was so five years ago...


Earth Sign Mama said…
That first photo has a crime scene aura to it. You know? Like the police snapping pictures of the evidence. It was brown place, huh?
Tina said…
You two look so young in that picture!
rantipoler said…
Wow, that first picture is extremely random. And the second one is really cute. :)

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