Another Fun Saturday

We had absolutely nothing scheduled for today, though I had planned to do some cleaning and then possibly get some homework done as well. Then I woke up feeling really lazy, and since everyone else always wakes up feeling lazy we were just sitting around watching TV by 9:30. I remembered a fun place that someone had told me about and looked it up on the internet. At first I wasn't sure if we should go because it's an hour away. But it turns out that Mr. Fob was feeling spontaneous too, so we headed out for another fun family adventure.

We drove out to an area called Apple Hill, which is in the foothills of the Sierras. There are a bunch of apple orchards and other small farms in one spot and they promote themselves as a tourist destination. It turns out that October is really the better time to go because there weren't any apples left to pick by ourselves, but we still managed to have some fun. The first place we went to had a bakery that smelled heavenly. We got some tasty apple strudel and apple pie, as well as some delicious fresh-squeezed juice. Mr. Fob and I got a cup of hot apple cider, but he thought it tasted like a scented candle and I agreed. Both that farm and the second one we stopped at didn't have very much going on besides eating. The second farm had a guy roasting a pig on a spit outside--a sight that fascinated the kids but kind of grossed me out. We hit the jackpot at the third farm; they were having some kind of festival so there were lots of booths with crafts and apples for sale. Plus they had (overpriced) pony rides and hay rides. I bought a few apples to try from different varieties and splurged on a jar of fancy olives for our Thanksgiving dinner. We went on a nice hayride that wound through autumn-foliaged grapevines and apple orchards. Little Dude actually ate an entire whole apple, something I've never seen him do before. And we even got back to town just in time to stop by the church for a ward activity. It meant we had nachos and hot dogs for dinner, but as long as I didn't have to cook I didn't care.

I probably should have cleaned the house or done some homework, but it was nice to have a family day and make some memories with the kids. Mr. Fob and I are going to watch a movie before going to bed, and since it's for a class I don't have to feel guilty. That's my kind of homework.


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